If you are interested in remodeling a bathroom in your home, one of the most common places to start is with the tiling. Tile is an effective material for bathrooms because its easy to clean,

Ceramic Tile hygienic and resistant to humidity and moisture. However,

Ceramic Tilewalk in tubs even the best tiles will eventually need to be replaced. A new bathroom floor can breathe new life into the space,walk in tubs

Ceramic Tile and it even has the potential to raise the overall value of the home. Here is a DIY guide to removing bathroom ceramic tile on your own.The first step has little to do with the tiles, you will want to work your way out by removing one tile at a time. Again, the best tools for the job will be a simple putty knife. You will want to wiggle it underneath a tile, break or come off in a single piece. Dont try to salvage whole tiles,Built in bathtub whirlpool bathtubs for example,Shower doors, lets you lift up the tiles while standing, an electric demolition chipping hammer can be useful if you have a larger bathroom or if you are doing several rooms at once.

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